Experiential AI Academy

The AI Academy takes aspiring AI teams from a basic introduction of AI to mastery of the skills needed to build deep learning models for AI solutions, to deploying them in production and bringing real value to organisations.

ADDO AI’s Academy distinguishes itself by a focus on experiential AI training for teams that allows them to learn the skills, and understand the opportunities and challenges of deploying AI solutions for business outcomes.

Taught by a faculty of experienced AI scientists and consultants, the Academy provides both a strong theoretical foundation and invaluable practical knowledge based on ADDO AI’s global experience in deploying AI solutions.


The AI Experiential Learning model is an instructional strategy that reverses the traditional learning environment: it focuses on learning by applying AI concepts to real prototype projects.

The AI Academy has two components:

  1. a series of lectures by Associate Partners that explains theoretical concepts
  2. embedded data scientists and machine learning engineers that help employees on applying this knowledge practically to actual problems in the organisation. 

ADDO AI offers 3 levels of AI courses (4 months each) which cover the following topics in increasing complexity:

  • Compute Infrastructure and Data Architecture
  • Algorithms, Modeling and Testing 
  • Deployment and DataOps
  • Visualisation and Business Insights
AI Experiential Learning - ADDO AI


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