Be Bold. Unleash Your Imagination.

ADDO AI's incubator works on bold ideas in applied artificial intelligence. We are currently incubating four companies: nikka (micro-insurance as-a-service), Fonetica (phonetics NLP-as-a-service), Movera (sustainable mobility-as-a-service) and Apogee (AI-powered skills platform).

APOGEE: AI-Powered Skills and Career Management Platform

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Apogee automates and personalises education in computer science, data science and artificial intelligence, and helps to manage the careers of individuals and employees, all on one platform.

Apogee means "to reach the summit” and helps students and mid-career employees to upskill and succeed in an era of digital disruption and opportunity.

FONETICA: Regional Language Chatbots

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The company Fonetica uses phonetics based natural language processing (NLP) to semantically understand Asian languages written in the Roman script (eg. Roman Urdu and Roman Hindi). As companies want to create more conversational chatbots with their customers, understanding them remains a critical issue as many Asians write their native languages in Roman script. Fonetica means "phonetics" in Italian.

Supported by ADDO AI's President Dr. Faisal Kamiran and VP Research Dr. Asim Karim's research in phonetics NLP for Urdu-Hindi dictionary. Media coverage includes Dawn and India Today.

NIKKA: Micro-loans and micro-insurance

The company nikka uses artificial intelligence to assess risk and price micro-insurance for farmers in Asia. It also recommends interventions to lower risk to farmers who receive directions on their mobile phones. The platform relies on hyper-spectral and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) image processing as primary data. nikka means "small" in Punjabi.

It was awarded a place in Infocomm Media Development Authority's Pixel Lab in Singapore and featured in Forbes magazine.



MOVERA: Mobility-as-a-Service

The company Movera revolutionises sustainable transportation by developing a multi-modal integrated transportation platform using artificial intelligence. Movera means "move to" in Spanish.

Supported by ADDO AI's CEO Ayesha Khanna's research on integrated mobility and energy smart city systems. Article in LSE Business Review.