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Smart cities of the future are powerhouses of data generation. Hoards of IoT sensors, millions of city residents, and machines are constantly generating data. Someone has to make sense of that data and use it for good. Thats where Addo comes in. We help smart cities collect and aggregate data, analyze it, and act on data data insights to improve the quality of life for citizens and optimize city operations


Turning your Smart City data into endless opportunities

We help you build Smart City Data Platforms which collect, store, organize, and secure your smart city data. AI and Machine Learning are then used for improving citizen digital experiences, security, sustainability, and planning of your smart city.

Why Addo

The Addo Experience

Powering your Smart Cities with AI and IoT

Smart cities are powered by technology and are always generating tons of data. We help integrate IoT sensors with AI models to generate value. Whether it is tracking road congestion through video analytics, or pre emptive alerting in the event of a pandemic outbreak, we have got the experience to make your citizens’ quality of life better.

Creating highly personalized digital experiences for your citizens

You’ve probably heard that every customer is unique and should be treated differently. Well, the same is true for citizens. We help create tailored digital experiences for your citizens that delight your city dwellers. Targeted services, recommendations based on demographics and age, user interface personalization for the elderly. These are just some of the things you can do with Addo and AI.

Optimizing city operations, enhancing public safety and improving sustainability

We help governments, transportation authorities, and public safety agencies adopt smart city solutions and technologies, unlocking new tools, practices, and insights that can improve responsiveness, services, and quality of life for their citizens.

Areas of Expertise

Smart Parking monitoring

We build smart parking lot management systems with integrated analytics using vision AI and deep learning. Get real-time information on free/occupied parking spots and in-depth analytics with insight such as spot availability, parking duration, parking violations. It makes you able to gain real-time insight into your parking lots, making your parking lot management more efficient and will increase user satisfaction.

Identify Crowd Density

Addo offers a unique solution that provides real-time and over-time insight on the crowd size and density at different locations of the city or events. The enriched dashboard will provide all the data needed for municipalities and event organizers to improve their strategies and do more insightful planning. It will Improve your crowd-management strategies and enhance your emergency and infrastructure planning

Creating healthy environments through social distancing

Safety has been increasingly becoming the top priority during the pandemics. Manual safety control methods are costly and prone to error. Addo provides an intelligent plug-and-play solution that controls the compliance of your visitors with COVID safety regulations: face-mask and maximum occupancy limits. This solution will increase the safety of your facility, reduce your staff and administrative overhead, avoid unforeseen shut-down of your operation and protect your visitors’ and/or employees’ privacy

Create Safe Spaces using AI

Instead of having to make resource-intensive decisions, like adding more people or screens in order to provide a safer environment, Addo offers a solution that uses software and AI technology to identify the risks for them. The AI software will process the feed from every camera connected to the system and give the control room operators a dynamic, real-time assessment of each zone’s risk, based on a repertoire of pre-trained models combined with behavioural analytics.

Intelligent Traffic Control

Intelligent Video Analytics can be used to make roadways safer and more efficient. Addo provides a real-time traffic control solution that uses image recognition technology to identify traffic volume and queues, analyze congestion, and optimize traffic signal controls at intersections.

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