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Improve the Oil & Gas value chain with optimized exploration, better safety, & automation to increase operational efficiencies.


Enterprise AI is revolutionizing the oil and gas sector.

The oil and gas industry is beginning to see the incredible impact that AI can have on every sector in the value chain, and improve oilfield and plant performance. Addo is the ideal data science partner for oil and gas operators looking to inform strategic and operational decisions with AI derived insights.

Why Addo

The Addo Experience

Deep domain expertise in Oil & Gas industry

Partner with our team of AI, ML, and advanced analytics experts to solve problems across a vast variety of Oil & Gas use cases.

Extract deep insights from any data

Regardless of scale or complexity of your data volume, we have expertise in extracting the highest-quality insights—fast and reliably.

Integrate large volumes of data seamlessly & securely

We simplify your data-management challenge and transform the efficiency of your oil and gas operations.

Areas of Expertise

Predictive maintenance

Use predictive oil and gas analytics like condition-based monitoring and variable analysis to construct scenario-based simulations to identify likely future maintenance events and undertake any necessary maintenance before the equipment is damaged.

Smart risk modeling

Predictive modeling allows oil and gas companies to evaluate pipeline risk based on vulnerability and impact to increase overall safety, decrease time from incident occurrence to incident identification and contribute to improved decision making.

Real-time customer profiling

Data and analytical tools can inform decision-making by helping sales representatives assess customer profiles, drill down into historic order volume, and develop more efficient processes for capturing deals, thereby transforming upselling from a static to a dynamic process.

On-field support with conversational AI

NLP can help field employees by analysing their information requests — such as on-the-fly requests for safety rules, real-time information on performance — and then querying a consolidated database of internal and external data to retrieve the data they need.

Optimized supply-chain

Use AI to optimize end-to-end supply chain processes by crunching through large amounts of supply chain data and predicting a range of unexpected events, thereby helping to anticipate problems and rerouting shipments around them.


The use of machine learning, and data from field sensors with existing public and private databases, can allow for the discovery of hydrocarbon exploration prospects and evaluate the financial risk associated with them.

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Oil & Gas

Predictive maintenance & input/output optimization for an Oil & Gas company

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