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19 Nov 2017.  Our CEO Ayesha Khanna was  featured  by Your Story in the feature on Singapore's Power Women.  #singapore #AI


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18 Nov 2017. Our CEO Ayesha Khanna will be advising YES BANK, one of India's largest banks, to review Fintech opportunities with artificial intelligence in India. #AI #fintech

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14 Nov 2017.  Our CEO Ayesh Khanna spoke on artificial Intelligence at Pawlik in Hamburg, which included fascinating talks by fellow speakers Christian Lindner and Edward Snowden. #AI #Deutschland

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6 Nov  2017. Our CEO @ayeshakhanna in Dubai to present our work to the government on personalised citizen services with AI. #smartcity

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30 Oct  2017. Our CEO @ayeshakhanna is in Singapore as Chairperson of Asia's leading Artificial Intelligence conference. #AI

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7 Oct  2017. We're excited to congratulate our Associate Partner Dr. Saeed Ul Hassan and CEO of our subsidiary Movera for winning international recognition in AI research related to scientometrics

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5 Oct  2017. Delighted that was selected to work with @smartdubai and @dubaifuture to use artificial intelligence to improve citizen services. #AI

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1 Sep 2017. We are honoured that @forbesmagazine called one of four artificial intelligence companies that will transform the world. #AI link:

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4 Aug 2017. Thanks to tech magazine TechJuice for covering our leading-edge #AI Summit.

4 Aug 2017.  Our CEO Ayesha Khanna was selected as a leading tech founder in Singapore along with an amazing group of women entrepreneurs. We are using artificial intelligence to incubate micro-insurance for Asian farmers and Roman Urdu/Hindi chatbots at ADDO AI. Thanks @LetsTalkPayments for the nomination. #AI #fintech #insurtech

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4 Aug 2017. OurCEO discussed #AI last night with co-panelists Richard (CTO @Microsoft SG), Carolyn (Director @KPMG ), Charlie (Ambassador @singularityu). #AI

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3 Aug 2017. Lights camera action! Our CEO @ayeshakhanna was in a live webinar this morning with @Citi clients speaking on artificial intelligence and the future of skills. #AI #fintech

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30 Jul 2017. We are excited to welcome Movera, the third startup in ADDO AI's artificial intelligence incubator. Revolutionising sustainable transportation in cities by optimising the integration of mobility and energy eco-systems. #smartcities #AI

26 Jul 2017. Delighted that our CEO Ayesha Khanna was chosen as one of the top FinTech influencers in Asia. We're using Artificial Intelligence at ADDO AI to predict risk in insurance and understand bank customers using specialised chatbots. #AI #fintech #insurtech Link:

20 Jul 2017. Our CEO Ayesha Khanna moderated the panel on Artificial Intelligence Trends from Silicon Valley to Singapore with the amazing speakers Christopher M. Schroeder (Entrepreneur and Investor), Dr. Noah Raford (COO, Dubai Futures Foundation) and Steve Leonard (Founding CEO, SGInnovate). Excellent questions from a full house at SGInnovate. #AI

18 Jul 2017. Our CEO Ayesha Khanna was delighted to launch ADDO AI in Germany with our conference on Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare in Berlin with leading representatives from hospitals, venture capital, insurance, medtech and government. Thanks to Dr. Andreas Keck and Justus Wolff, our partners from Syte Capital for helping organise it. #AI


14 Jul 2017. Our CEO Ayesha Khanna spoke to a full house of international educators on the future of work in an era of human-technology co-evolution. Thanks Association for Learning Environments-A4LE for inviting me. #AI #education

13 Jul 2017. Our CEO Ayesha Khanna spoke at Raffles Girls' School today about Artificial Intelligence and STEM Careers. Inspiring fellow speakers Tom Dawson (A*STAR - Agency for Science, Technology and Research), Mayda Lim (ANZ) and Zamrooda Khanday (UN Women), and brilliant questions from the girls. #AI #girlpower

13 Jul 2017. Our CEO Ayesha Khanna spoke on Artificial Intelligence for the Logistics Industry this morning. Thanks Shamir Rahim and VersaFleet for the invite! #AI #logistics

11 Jul 2017. Our CEO Ayesha Khanna spoke on deep tech funding and the eco-system in Singapore, and to meet fellow entrepreneurs and co-panelists Vikas Jain (Funding Societies), Aki Ranin (Bambu - B2B Robo-Advisory), Praveen Velu (, Raghav Kapoor (Smartkarma) and Ankur Mehrotra (Grab). #AI #Startups


3 Jul 2017. We are excited to have Forbes magazine feature ADDO AI and our AI-powered micro-insurance platform. We want to use #AI and #fintech to help millions of underbanked Asians achieve upward social mobility.



2 Jul 2017. Excited to announce we're presenting a panel on Artificial Intelligence trends from Silicon Valley to the Middle East to Asia with fantastic speakers Christopher M. Schroeder, Steve Leonard and Dr. Noah Raford. Moderated by our CEO Ayesha Khanna and hosted by SGInnovate. #AI

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30 Jun 2017.  Our CEO Ayesha Khanna spoke on Artificial Intelligence and Smart Cities hosted by RISE Accelerator and Thai government agency DEPA (Digital Economy Promotion Agency) in Bangkok today. Thanks Supachai Kid Parchariyanon for the invitation! #AI

29 Jun 2017.  Our CEO Ayesha Khanna spoke on Artificial Intelligence at Ananda's conference in Bangkok today. So fun to be with Greg Lindsay, Anthony Vanky, Yaron J. Schwarcz and local superstars Nichapat Ark and Paul Ark. Thanks Seedstars (Tiffany Maria Obser and Nick Feneck) for the invitation. #AI

28 Jun 2017. Great to have AI advisor and commentator Francesco Corea, highlight ADDO AI as one of 32 leading AI incubators in the world. #AI

Link to article

27 Jun 2017. We are delighted to welcome Fonetica to ADDO AI's incubator. Fonetica supports AI chatbots that converse with Asians in native languages written in Roman scripts (like Roman Urdu and Roman Hindi). #AI #NLP

24 Jun 2017.  We're excited to announce that ADDO AI is launching Pakistan's first Artificial Intelligence conference. #StayTuned #AI

24 Jun 2017. Our CEO Ayesha Khanna spoke on Artificial Intelligence and future technologies to a full house with Bidushi Bhattacharya (Bhattacharya Space Enterprises), Nathalie Ting (Upvise) and Beverly Dolor (Spacemob) moderated by Steve Remington (Minerra) today. Thanks CodingGirls!

23 Jun 2017. Our CEO Ayesha Khanna spoke about ADDO AI's micro-insurance platform for Asian farmers powered by Artificial Intelligence at Deloitte today. Thanks for inviting me Pushpdeep Gupta and Camille Fauvel. #AI #Impact

19 Jun 2017. We are delighted to have Daniele Magazzeni, Head of AI Planning at King's College London, join our expert consultants at ADDO AI. Dan's work in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) is highly valuable to our clients in Europe and Asia. #AI #RAS

14 Jun 2017. We're excited to announce our upcoming report on Singapore's Artificial Intelligence Landscape. Thanks to our Industry Analyst Swarnima Korde for leading the effort in Singapore! Contact us if you're working on AI. 

9 Jun 2017. Our CEO Ayesha Khanna spoke on a panel on Artificial Intelligence and Fintech tonight. Fiery debate with co-panelists Sopnendu Mohanty (Monetary Authority of Singapore), Sanjeev Mehra (Citi), David Shrier (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Samuel Hall (Startupbootcamp). Thanks to Ketki Sen (Spinta) for the invitation! 

7 Jun 2017. Our CEO Ayesha Khanna spoke on Artificial Intelligence applications for smart cities, especially urban mobility with great co-panelists Céline 谷彩琳 Heissat Le Cotonnec (AXA), Jessika Lora (CarForce) and Kelly Yau (Infiniti Motor Company). 

2 June 2017. Our CEO Ayesha Khanna is Chairperson of the groundbreaking AI Asia conference in October. She discussed applications of artificial intelligence today with fellow governing committee members Valerie Beaulieu-James (Microsoft), Lawrence Wee (Zuellig Pharma), Spencer Yang (KeyReply), Aik Beng Ng (NVIDIA). Thanks Michel Beaugier and Jared Chin for hosting everyone.

Link to conference

1 Jun 2017. We're excited that ADDO AI President Dr.Faisal Kamiran is leading the new Masters in Data Science program, a unique collaboration betweenInformation Technology University (ITU) and edX (founded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University). He had a great Facebook live about the program with ITU Vice-Chancellor Dr. Umar Saif yesterday, highlighting ITU's world class faculty in computational data science, computer vision and artificial intelligence.

31 May 2017. Our CEO Ayesha Khanna spoke on APIs and Artificial Intelligence at Singapore FinTech Association (SFA), hosted at LATTICE80. Thanks Subhajit Mandal, CFA for the invitation. Great to. hear fellow speaker Mark Makdad about his company Moneytree and his journey with Japan Fintech Association and the recent API regulations released by Japan.

27 May 2017. Our CEO Ayesha Khanna is the host of Channel NewsAsia's episode on The Future of Aging. Watch the episode online to see how Singapore will use architecture, design, robotics and artificial intelligence to build a safer, smarter city for its elderly.

Link to episode

26 May 2017. Global Artificial Intelligence company ADDO AI's pioneering launch in Pakistan is covered by The Nation, one of country's leading newspapers with quotes from ADDO AI President Faisal Kamiran and Vice President, Research Asim Karim

Link to article

25 May 2017. We're excited that Dr. Umar Saif, Vice-Chancellor, Information Technology University launched our office in Lahore as Pakistan's first artificial intelligence advisory and incubator. (Singapore-Berlin-Dubai-Lahore)

Link to launch pictures

24 May 2017. Our CEO Ayesha Khanna spoke on artificial intelligence, blockchains and financial inclusion with stellar co-panelists Vikram Chachra, Zelda Anthony, Parshu Adiraja, and Sanjay Jain at IFC - International Finance Corporation's Digital Finance Summit today with Margarete Biallas as moderator. Ayesha discussed our micro-insurance products for Asian farmers as well.


23 May 2017. Our President Faisal Kamiran met with Illango Patchamuthu, the World Bank Group's Country Director for Pakistan, to discuss his data science research in urban transportation in collaboration with The Urban Institute in Washington DC. 

20 May 2017. Our CEO Ayesha Khanna was selected by Fintech News Singapore as one of the top Fintech Influencers in Singapore along with friends Sopnendu Mohanty, Vladislav Solodkiy, Rob Findlay and Varun Mittal.  

Link to article

19 May 2017. Our CEO Ayesha Khanna had a provocative discussion with co-panelists on automation, artificial intelligence and its impact on supply chains and manufacturing at the LogiSYM conference yesterday. Great insights by Sriram Sridhar (Grey Orange), Chris Holmes (IDC) and Christopher Martin (ACCESS Partnership) with moderation by Bob Gill.

18 May 2017. Our CEO Ayesha Khanna featured on Next Money's podcast to discuss the power and impact of artificial intelligence on existing and incumbent financial services, as well as its potential in emerging markets and financial inclusion with Rob Findlay (Founder, Next Money)

Link to podcast

17 May 2017. Our CEO Ayesha Khanna spoke on artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship with such inspiring co-panelists: Grace Park (Founder, DocDoc), Sabrina Tan (Founder, Skin Inc,), Jessica Cheam (Founder, Eco-Business) moderated by the wonderful Katarzyna (Kathy) Zaleska (VP, ZALORA).

12 May 2017. Our CEO Ayesha Khanna spent an amazing day at Espoo Innovation Garden near Helsinki meeting startups in smart cities and mobility with our Singapore client SMRT and eco-system partners NTU and JTC. Thanks Alfonso Gutierrez for hosting us.

10 May 2017. Our CEO Ayesha Khanna rode a self-driving shuttle at InnoZ in Berlin with our Singapore client SMRT and eco-system partners NTU and JTC as we develop their Mobility-as-a-Service platform. 

9 May 2017. Great to have Michele Ferrario, CEO of StashAway, give an excellent talk at ADDO AI's Fintech Meetup on setting up a roboadvisor in Singapore. Thanks Infocomm Media Development Authority for hosting us.

4 May 2017. Our CEO Ayesha Khanna spoke on the opportunity and challenges for Artificial Intelligence in Singapore at Singapore Institute of International Affairs moderated by Nicholas Fang with Shashi Jayakumar speaking on cybersecurity.

28 April 2017.  Our CEO Ayesha Khanna gave a presentation on Applications in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and moderated a panel on AI in Asia with Bidushi Bhattacharya, Chris Boesch and Nick White ( at the Deep Learning Summit organized by Nikita Johnson.

27 April 2017.  Our CEO Ayesha Khanna spoke to over 2000 attendees who joined from across Asia via telepresence for a talk on Artificial Intelligence at Cisco's Women Rock IT.

20 April 2017. Our CEO Ayesha Khanna discussed the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Credit Suisse Global Megatrends with very impressive co-panelists Robert Friedland (President of Ivanhoe Capital), Jeffrey Kang (CEO, Cogobuy Group) and Greg Grimaldi (Managing Partner, Credit Suisse NEXT Investors)

20 April 2017. We are really proud and excited that ADDO AI President and ITU Professor Dr. Faisal Kamiran received a prestigious World Bank Group award for his data science research today in Washington.

17 April 2017.  We're excited to have a home for our AI Incubator at IMDA Pixel Labs. Come over to National Design Center on Middle Road, Singapore, for our AI meetups or to see our micro-insurance product being developed.

25 Mar 2017. Our CEO Ayesha Khanna spoke about skills in an age of AI and automation at Media Corp's SmartGen conference. Thanks Lesley Ngai for inviting us. Great audience. #AI

11 Mar 2017. Thanks Google for inviting our CEO Ayesha Khanna to be part of the Female Founders panel today with awesome co-panelists Congyu Li (Storehub), Rachel Lim (Love, Bonito) and Elisha Tan (TechLadies) and the host Erica Hanson.

9 Mar 2017. Our CEO Ayesha Khanna was honoured to be nominated by OCBC bank Fintech and Innovation Group as a woman who inspires in Asia. It was great to have her be in the company of such pioneering women on international women's day. #thankyou