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Addo AI

Addo /Ah-doh, a.dow/

[verb] Latin/Welsh: to add, augment, inspire, increase.

Addo AI is a global data and AI consulting firm that leverages deep expertise in data engineering, custom software engineering and data science to give companies and governments a competitive advantage.

About Addo AI

Founded by an award-winning team of thought leaders in the field of AI, data engineering and technology.


Dr. Ayesha Khanna

CEO & Co-founder

Dr. Ayesha Khanna brings over 15 years of experience in technology innovation. She worked over a decade on Wall Street advising clients on information analytics systems. She has served on the Board of Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), the Singapore government's lead agency for its smart nation, and was named one of South East Asia's groundbreaking female entrepreneurs by Forbes magazine. Dr. Ayesha received her BA in Economics from Harvard University, an MS in Operations Research from Columbia University, and a PhD in Information Systems from the London School of Economics.


Dr. Faisal Kamiran President and Co-founder for Addo AI

Dr. Faisal Kamiran

President & Co-founder

Dr. Faisal Kamiran is a respected expert in data science and machine learning. He was awarded an internationally competitive award for innovation in machine learning research by The World Bank Group. He has over 10 years of experience in creating data analytics solutions to guide government and corporate entities. Dr. Faisal is an Associate Professor and the Director of the Data Science Lab at Information Technology University (ITU) in Lahore. He received his PhD in data analytics and machine learning from The Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands.


Ali Bokhari - Senior Vice President Data Platforms

Ali Bokhari

Senior Vice President Data Platforms

Ali Bokhari brings over two decades of experience in data management practices during which he has led groundbreaking initiatives by enabling infrastructure modernization, automation, and digital enablement. His focus is on seamlessly integrating data governance into data analytics to ensure transparency and consistency. Additionally, Ali has accumulated extensive experience in the U.S. healthcare sector, focusing on patient analytics, enhancing value-based care analytics for population health, and improved patient experience. He has led numerous collaborations with leading tech providers such as Axon, EDC, Microsoft Azure, and AWS, enabling modern architectural solutions for his clients.


Arslan Ihsan - Senior Vice President Professional Services

Arslan Ihsan Mughal

Senior Vice President Professional Services

Arslan Ihsan, Senior Vice President of Professional Services at Addo AI, is an expert in cutting-edge technologies. He's dedicated to empowering individuals and businesses through responsible and innovative use of emerging tech like AI, data analytics, cloud computing, blockchain, and Web3. Backed by formidable certifications, including SAFe, PMP, CSM, and dual AWS Cloud Architect credentials, Arslan brings extensive multi-cloud proficiency. Over the last decade, he's guided startups and enterprises across numerous industries, such as transportation, smart cities, healthcare, telecom, retail, and fintech. His experience enables him to identify and solve complex problems and develop strategies for growth and success, creating a more secure, transparent, and sustainable future for his clients.


With nearly three decades of experience, Syed Rizwan Munawar is a seasoned professional with a rich background in leadership roles encompassing Consulting, Sales, Pre-Sales, and Business Development. His expertise extends to strategic consulting, cloud transformation, and Data & AI domains. Before undertaking his current position, Munawar served as the Director of Strategic Programs, Customer Success & Delivery Excellence - APAC at Microsoft, Munawar has has also held key positions at IBM, Oracle, and HP. Throughout his career, he has actively collaborated with clients in their digital innovation journeys, specializing in transformative projects. Munawar's track record includes driving multimillion-dollar revenue growth and successfully delivering large scale projects, showcasing his prowess in navigating the dynamic landscapes of consulting, cloud transformation, and Data & AI.

Syed Rizwan Munawar

Senior Vice President Global Business & Growth

Syed Rizwan Munawar brings a wealth of experience and expertise, having served in various leadership capacities across Sales, Pre-Sales, Delivery, Consulting, and Business Development for close to 30 years. Prior to this role, Rizwan was Director of Strategic Programs, Customer Success & Delivery Excellence - APAC with Microsoft and earlier to that, has been associated with IBM, Oracle and HP. In all his roles, he has been partnering with customers in their digital innovation journey and brings a track record of delivering multimillion-dollar revenue growth and driving successful transformational projects.


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Dr. Kamran Shafi

Senior Vice President Data Science & AI

Dr. Kamran Shafi, leads Addo's data science & AI practice, by empowering industries to optimize data for operational excellence and competitive advantage. With 20+ years' expertise, he excels in data science, analytics team management, and roadmap planning. His skills encompass analytics strategy development, ML & AI model creation, data pipelining, and MLOps deployment. Proficient in sectors like healthcare, finance, and education, Dr. Kamran drives innovation and strategic solutions. His commitment to advancing data science and AI offers Addo's clients a remarkable edge. Through enterprise analytics architecture and diverse sector proficiency, he ensures tailored solutions, enhancing Addo's impact across industries.


Dr. Ammar Anees Malik

Associate Partner

Dr. Ammar Anees Malik, with over a decade of experience in government, non-profit, and private sector roles, serves as Addo's Vice President of Customer Success. In this key role, he ensures smooth communication and delivery for our clients. Formerly, he directed research at Harvard's Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD), leading research-policy collaborations. His expertise is reflected in publications on environmental modeling and public policy in prestigious journals. Dr. Ammar’s global research influence extends across 20 countries in Asia and Africa, thanks to his affiliations with the Urban Institute and Harvard's Belfer Center. Outside of his research work, he's advised prominent organizations, including multilateral institutions, nonprofits, and government agencies. His diverse experience and customer-centric focus are valuable assets in his role, emphasizing customer success at Addo AI.

Washington DC

Sabina Zafar Associate Partner at Addo AI

Sabina Zafar

Associate Partner

Sabina Zafar is a digital transformation guru with expertise in solving business challenges using cutting-edge data & AI solutions. Sabina brings deep understanding of technology based transformation from Oracle where she led Digital Transformation and Technology Modernization. Her engagement with C-suite executives in industries such as financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, communications, defense, and retail to drive AI adoption has helped enterprises achieve top and bottom-line results.

New York

Candina Weston Associate Partner for Addo AI

Candina Weston

Associate Partner

Candina Weston holds over 25+ years of experience in marketing, strategy, and change management. Having spent over two decades at Microsoft, Candina has been instrumental in shaping their regional marketing structure. She redefined the marketing function/organization, harnessing data to diminish fragmentation, cut costs, and amplify marketing performance. Her experience with AI-based data and content in the marketing context will play a key role in helping Chief Marketing Officers implement generative AI practices within the organization.


Hasan Rahim

Hasan Rahim

Associate Partner

Hasan Rahim specializes in driving revenue growth and guiding individuals and organizations through the automation revolution by applying strategic critical thinking while cultivating an unwavering culture. Hasan has proven expertise in adding value to traditional, established industries using today and tomorrow’s technology, though he will be the first to say that technology by itself is never enough - positive change happens only after human relationships and proprietary business rules are placed at the center. While having worked within several large corporations over the past 2 decades, he has also started several companies, including a 9 Figure exit to Comcast/NBCU in the last 5 years. With a more recent focus on enabling digital marketing transformation, he has recently collaborated with Fortune 100 Clients, harnessing advanced data and automation for outcomes-driven execution. Hasan's leadership, strategy, business development, and management skills make him a valuable asset to our team.

Los Angeles

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Akbar Hamid

Associate Partner

Akbar Hamid, a seasoned leader and innovator, brings over 18 years of diverse technology experience. He possesses a unique blend of technical expertise and deep business understanding, excelling in comprehending clients' challenges and market trends. As the VP of Innovation and Architecture at Common Securitization Solutions (CSS), Akbar leads collaborative strategies for growth. His commitment to delivering top-tier solutions is unwavering. With a wealth of experience, he crafts secure, cutting-edge IT foundations using Infrastructure as Code principles, leveraging AWS to strengthen technology platforms.

Washington DC

Sebastian Roervig

Sebastian Roervig

Associate Partner, Fintech and Payments

Sebastian Roervig is the co-founder and COO at Arrow (an e-commerce checkout layer funded by Sequoia, Meta, and YC). Prior to Arrow, he was part of the Special Projects team at Grab, where he built strategic partnerships and launched Grab Financial in Singapore and the Philippines, introducing products such as QR code payments, remittance, digital goods, and gaming. Before then, he was responsible for payments at the e-commerce marketplace Daraz (South Asian Alibaba entity) and an early employee at the crypto platform Abra.


Jenna Arnold

Jenna Arnold

Associate Partner

Jenna Arnold is an activist at heart and an acclaimed social entrepreneur by profession. Her practical insights into the application of cutting-edge technologies for social impact and data-driven policy advocacy make her a unique voice in AI for social good initiatives. Jenna has actively led the charge in fostering transformative change with technology throughout her 18+ year career in impact-driven enterprises. She has been recognized for her remarkable contributions, earning distinctions such as being named among Inc. Magazine's "35 Under 35" and "20 Most Disruptive Innovators," along with receiving the esteemed Tribeca Disruptive Innovator Fellowship.

New York


We make data your competitive advantage

Headquartered in Singapore, Addo AI serves clients globally to build data platforms and automate processes. We help our clients tackle their biggest challenges and build solutions that power their competitive edge in global markets.

Your organization already has a ton of great data that often isn’t processed and leveraged to your complete advantage. That’s fair – since combining different data sources, and deriving meaningful insights from them can be a difficult and daunting task. That’s where partnering with a specialist AI and Data consulting firm like Addo AI can help.

1000 PB+

Data Migrated/Processed

1 K+

Use Cases Implemented

1 M

Features Incorpoated in AI/ML Models

50 K+

Data Interfaces Created


A Culture of Innovation

Our core values are an active part of everything we do. That’s what makes our global team of experts deliver exceptional business outcomes — empowering you to use data and AI responsibly.

Ethical We recognize that with great power comes great responsibility. With proper data and AI governance, we preserve data dignity and believe in ethical AI systems.
Empathetic We stand in the shoes of our customers. This means we understand their challenge and goals, and our intentions are aligned with their intentions to succeed. At Addo AI, we are 100% customer-centric.
Value-driven We create business value for our customers by providing them data-driven business strategy and platforms. To do this, we need both bold-thinking, clear communication, and operational excellence.


2017 Asia's leading AI Companies Forbes Magazine
2018 Innovation in Data Science Award World Bank

Harnessing the power of expansive inclusion and diversity

We celebrate the visible and invisible elements of our identities, personal experiences and belief systems. The ones that comprise us as unique individuals and shape who we are. Collectively, these elements foster collaboration, drive innovation and lead to greater client impact.