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Addo delivers world-class AI and data solutions to transform care delivery, research & development, and business processes automation that drive efficacy, engagement, and value focused results.


We connect health data to improve patient outcomes, reduce risks and optimise services.

Data has become a crucial tool to leverage when envisioning possible diagnosis or treatment outcomes. Predictive analytics empower healthcare professionals and clinicians with real-time guidance, enabling them to draw reasoned conclusions and make more informed decisions.

Unlock health information interoperability, scalable compute power, and AI enabled analytics by adopting a healthcare cloud to support your organisation’s goals. We can help.

Why Addo

The Addo Experience

Turn data into cutting-edge insights & predictions

We transform your data into insights that will drive cost saving clinical, operational, and financial decisions across your organisation.

Deep domain expertise in healthcare AI use cases

Partner with our team of AI, ML, and advanced analytics experts to solve problems across a vast variety of healthcare use cases.

Leverage powerful AI solutions for healthcare

We have proven expertise in deploying AI solutions in areas of diagnostics, screening and resource management.

Areas of Expertise

Improve experience for patients

Deliver a seamless & personalized patient experience. Quickly resolve questions and service requests, and automate patient-centered outreach.

Risk stratification for patients

Build AI models to identify patients with diseases like congestive heart failure (CHF) by evaluating their medical records upon admittance.

Screening & diagnostics for providers

Improve screening and risk detection by using digital information and improve speed to diagnosis by using AI techniques and save physicians’ valuable time.

Resource optimisation for providers

Use advanced predictive analytics to forecast key capacity drivers like outpatient visits, bed availability, or service spikes, to optimise efficiency & cost.

Medical management for payers

Improve population health, care management and admission risks outcomes by applying AI and advanced analytics to traditional and non traditional data sets.

Scenario-based planning & forecasting for payers

Foresee growth, utilization, and demand for healthcare services with assistance of AI to determine growth opportunities, provide strategic inputs for future planning, and mitigate risks.

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Featured Work


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Cloud strategy

We define the end to end Cloud strategy tailored to your unique preferences; conducting the cloud readiness assessment, defining a cloud/multi-cloud adoption roadmap, and conducting ongoing well architected reviews for cloud workloads.

Responsible AI

Adopt responsible AI practices across your organisation. We work with clients to make sure all AI systems are fair, secure, transparent, able to run continually and adapt quickly to operational changes.

Data visualization and BI

We help you make the most out of your data. With intelligent, AI based interactive dashboards, we enable you to reach your Data Science and AI potential.

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