Transport and Logistics

Create modern, cloud-based data solutions to understand and forecast customer demand, manage inventory, optimize routes and supply chains, and improve workforce management.


Rapidly advancing urbanization, ecommerce and global supply chains mean that big data analytics is becoming critical to well-managed transportation.

Data has become a crucial tool in predicting demand, managing fleets and planning their maintenance, being sustainable and becoming more customer centric. Rich data sets enables better run organizations by giving you tools for failure prediction and automated root-cause diagnosis to the ability to mine valuable customer feedback. We help clients unlock information insight, manage your assets, and adopt a data-driven culture to support your organization's goals.


The Addo Experience

Deep domain expertise in Transport & Logistics

Partner with our team of AI, ML, and advanced analytics experts to solve problems across a vast variety of Transport & Logistics use cases.

Extract deep insights from any data

Regardless of scale or complexity of your data volume, we have expertise in extracting the highest-quality insights—fast and reliably.

Integrate large volumes of data seamlessly & securely

We simplify your data-management challenge and transform the efficiency of your transport and logistical operations.

Areas of Expertise

Predictive Maintenance

Fleet breakdowns lead to unexpected service disruptions. Data enables failure prediction and root causes diagnosis, while machine learning automatically enables failure type classification, and guides mechanics with information through AI-powered maintenance actions after failure diagnosis and identification.

Data Strategy

Addo’s data strategy framework links the target state to the broader business strategy to ensure alignment, and prioritizes initiatives, projects, and associated business use cases.

Cloud Strategy

We define the end to end Cloud strategy tailored to your unique preferences; conducting the cloud readiness assessment, defining a cloud/multi-cloud adoption roadmap, and conducting ongoing well architected reviews for cloud workloads.

Customer Experience

Customer experience drives any successful transport company. From automating customer support to incorporating feedback messages, we have used Natural Language Processing to create more responsive customer experiences for our client. This data was then used by us to improve of the overall app user experience.

Staffing Optimization

Having insight into incoming shipments, customer delivery schedules, vehicle availability and shift schedules allows transport companies to match expected workload with correct staffing. By integrating data from personnel, transport dispatch, and distribution networks, companies can optimize supply to meet demand.

Multimodal Route Optimization

Route planning is critical in logistics as last-mile delivery must take into consideration factors ranging from road hazards to traffic conditions to weather to customer expectations of package delivery within the allotted schedule. Our command center platform uses real-time data from multiple sources to re-route drivers as needed.

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Intelligent Data Platform for a Multinational Telecom Operator

Build a data analytics infrastructure to enable a 360-degree real-time view of customers, business operations and to reduce the cost for business units.

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Intelligent Data Platform for a Large Scale US-based Healthcare Network

Building a centralized data analytics platform for various business units to enable efficient decision making for business users.

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Customer Service Chatbot Optimization for a Leading Bank

Improving the operability of customer service chatbots to improve conversation flows, better integration with internal systems and better scalability.

Detect fraudulent transactions, assess micro-loan credit risk, and benefit from AI-powered cross-selling and up-selling with Addo AI's Banking and Insurance Services.
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Marketing Optimization to Increase ROI for a Multinational Retail Company

Optimizing marketing campaigns by building an AI engine to accurately forecast the demand of our client’s products across 35 worldwide locations.

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Predictive Maintenance & Input/Output Optimization for an Oil & Gas Company

Developing a real-time predictive maintenance AI engine using data from multiple sources to detect anomalies in the machinery.

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Reverse Linkage Project for the Ministry of Health (MoH) in Indonesia

Enabling data transformation for governments by establishing data foundations and upskilling existing workforce in AI and Big Data for Improved resource management and effective policy-making.

Mobility as a Service by Addo AI
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Data Mesh Architecture For a Large Transportation Company

Building a shared Data Analytics Workspace to leverage data as an asset to stay competitive in the industry.

Data Mesh Architecture for a Large Transportation Company
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