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Marketing Optimization to Increase ROI for a Multinational Retail Company



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The Challenge 

Understanding the importance of marketing optimization, a multi-national travel retail company recognized the need to increase the total return on investment. To better empathize with customer needs, they aimed to segment and target based on interests, behaviors, and profiles, ultimately increasing campaign profitability.

The Solution

Addo AI designed and implemented an AI engine to obtain a ‘360 degree view’ of our client’s customers. The 360 degree view provided information about every aspect of a customer’s buying habits and behaviors. Dashboards were built to display this customer information — ranging from website inquiries and customer support requests to different product purchase details — allowing our client to have a clear and segmented view of customers. Moreover, the dashboards were accessible by every department in the organization, forming a single version of truth on customer information. Once this was achieved, our client was free to employ a targeted approach to their marketing efforts. They prioritize different customer segments with clear knowledge about which customers were likely to buy when approached through marketing channels, thereby improving campaign conversion rates.

The AI engine was also able to calculate and score the likelihood of customers buying specific products at specific times, further improving the client’s marketing efforts. Deep neural networks were trained to achieve this, using data such as customer transaction history, customer behavioral patterns, demographic data, customer personas and the information of products.

To build this solution, a pool of highly qualified Machine Learning Engineers, Integration Engineers, Cloud Engineers and Solutions Architects were engaged.

AI techniques: Deep Learning Neural Networks

The Results

  • 360 degree customer view
  • Improved marketing campaign turnover
  • Reduced overall costs

Technologies Used

AWS S3 Bucket



Apache Spark

AWS Sagemaker


Sci-kit Learn

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