Unlock the value of your data using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and data science. 

ADDO AI helps companies analyse massive amounts of data and gain insights to propel businesses forward with data-driven services and products.  We believe in the discipline and art of scientific inquiry, value creativity and imagination, and place empathy at the center of how we design products.



Our Founders have consistently been recognised for their thought leadership by global institutions like the World Bank and OCBC, in conferences where they are invited to speak on artificial intelligence and opportunities for companies in this field, and in the media where they are regularly quoted on talent creation for future industries.

ADDO AI President Faisal Kamiran was given a prestigious research award for innovative data science work by The World Bank Group in Spring 2017. Selected from a global pool of over 200 research papers, Dr. Kamiran's work on mobility patterns of women was recognized for its technical depth and policy applications.

ADDO AI CEO Ayesha Khanna was nominated by OCBC bank Fintech and Innovation Group in 2017 as a leading entrepreneur who inspires businesses and startups across Asia. She was also voted one of the top 25 female entrepreneurs in Singapore. In May 2017, she was also named as one of 30 top Fintech influencers in Singapore.

Big Data | Data Science | AI -- ADDO | Addo.sg


We build technology apps, chatbots and platforms using agile methodology, micro-services and RESTful APIs. Our engineers have expertise across the MEAN stack.

Big Data | Data Science | AI -- ADDO | Addo.sg


We help clients organize, administer and govern large volumes of both structured and unstructured data.

Big Data | Data Science | AI -- ADDO | Addo.sg


We use techniques from data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to understand and solve business challenges and reach goals. We help client make predictions about future, reducing risk and improving profitability.


Techniques include Intelligent Speech and Natural Language Processing, Intelligent System Modelling, Simulation and Controls, Data Mining and Self Rule Generation, Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems, and Computer Vision.

Industries where we apply AI techniques include transportation, financial services, healthcare, retail, real estate and logistics.


Big Data | Data Science | AI -- ADDO | Addo.sg

DEEP TECH EXPERTS – Every ADDO AI team has 1-2 professors with deep corporate consulting experience who oversee algorithm development and testing in order to ensure efficacy, accuracy and validation of meeting business goals.

DATA AND AI/ML SCIENTISTS –  Our teams contain both data scientists and machine learning engineers who together develop the big data architecture, and train and test the machine learning algorithms.

TECHNOLOGY ARCHITECTS/ENGINEERS – Our team have micro-services architects and strong mobile and MEAN stack developers who can ensure data-driven functionality at every part of the front- and back-end.

USER EXPERIENCE DESIGNERS – Human-centered design is a key component of how we develop not only technology apps, chatbots and platforms, but also the AI algorithms themselves. Our UI and UX designers believe in simplicity and focus on problem solving with intuitive delightful design.



     Ayesha Khanna

     Faisal Kamiran