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Automated Quality Audit for a Leading Asian Telecom Firm



increase in the scale of quality audits surveys


increase in NPS score


reduction in FTE

The Challenge

A leading Asian telecom firm wanted to enhance the performance of their call center quality audit process that was manual, time taking, not scalable and provided little feedback to improve the overall quality of customer care agents. Current process required them to manually sit through individual calls, which was inconvenient, time consuming and provided little room for data driven decision making.

The Solution

We designed and built an efficient and scalable solution that allowed the client to gauge and visualize call center agents’ performance. This solution consisted of three main components: AI engines (language, and speech), integration, and dashboard.

A Speech AI engine was developed that analyzed the audio calls by transcribing them and detecting the tone of the call. A Language AI engine was developed that generated the scores for each call and also some insights that were essential in creating useful reports on the dashboard. These AI engines were then integrated with the client’s internal systems, data sources and the dashboard.

This dashboard was designed to display, measure and provide recommendations for important call center KPIs, like agent performance – which was evaluated and ranked based on predefined criteria set out by our client. Apart from all this, a Training Portal was also built to help improve agents performance with a personalized feedback. Each agent got personalized recommendations to improve

A team of NLP experts, Speech engineers, BI engineers and Back-end engineers at Addo AI ensured the successful delivery of this project.

The Results

As a result of this efficient and automated system, the number of FTE hours for audits were significantly decreased. Number of audits performed increased. Smart training of agents improved the quality of customer care and improved feedback capability helped the company to focus more on training agents. This enhanced customer experience resulted in satisfied customers which can be seen along with other actionable insights using the Interactive dashboards.

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