Get a 360-degree view of the consumer journey, and insights across sales, marketing & supply-chain to fast-track retail transformation.


The empowered consumer is more connected and informed than ever before. Retailers must keep pace.

We help retailers leverage the power of analytics and artificial intelligence to identify opportunities to decrease costs, increase operational efficiencies, and deliver a frictionless, personalized, omni-channel customer experience.

Why Addo

The Addo Experience

World class customer research and insights

We leverage Data Science and AI to help identify customer cohorts, spend potential, journeys, purchase decision drivers, and more.

Execute insights-driven, intelligent decisions

We deploy enterprise AI systems across your retail business so you gain a strategic focus on your biggest challenges & returns.

Increase AI skills using existing headcount

With the lack of data scientists available for hire, we can help you transform your skilled business analysts into citizen data scientists.

Areas of Expertise

Personalised product recommendations

Make recommendations based on thousands of data points and provide more relevant experiences that drive increased conversion rates, average order value, and customer loyalty.

Pricing optimization

Increase demand and maximize profits by using AI to determine the best price for different products based on seasonality, price elasticity and real-time inputs on inventory levels.

Customer service automation

Use AI technologies such as natural language processing and machine learning to improve the contact center experience and overall customer satisfaction.

Demand forecasting

Use machine learning algorithms to predict changes in consumer demand as accurately as possible by automatically recognizing patterns, identifying complicated relationships in large datasets and capturing signals for demand fluctuation.

Customer propensity modeling

Analyze data from multiple sources using AI to predict customer behavior — such as likelihood to register, purchase a product, or churn — and improve targeted marketing campaigns.

AI-powered customer segmentation

Make use of AI technologies to automate the process, increase the granularity of characteristics, and improve the accuracy of attribute assignment to consumers to ensure that the right message reaches the right customer.

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Featured Work

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Reactivation of inactive customers for a multinational retail company

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Data lake implementation

We specialize in building data lakes and ensuring that they don’t turn into data swamps. Raw data is ingested, organised & structured between data tiers where it’s curated at each step. This maximizes business value while minimizing cost of storage.


Gain key insights from your unstructured data to enable improved analytics, data-driven decision making, and applications like Q&A systems, Chatbots & Virtual Assistants, Fraud detection, & more.

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