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Advanced Big Data Analytics Platform for COVID-19 Monitoring and Containment for MOH Indonesia

The Challenge

The ministry of health of a Southeast Asian country was looking to use data and AI to contain COVID-19, monitor its spread and use resources efficiently for the treatment of its patients. The key challenges included enabling data transformation by establishing data foundations and upskilling the existing workforce.

The Solution

Addo AI collaborated with IsDB (as a facilitator and Addo AI as an implementation partner) to deliver the following solution:

  • Intelligent Data Platform: Built a big data platform to strengthen the existing infrastructure for the monitoring and containment of COVID-19 as well as future health crises.
  • AI Use Cases: AI use cases were developed on top of the big data platform.
  • Prediction of Length of Stay (LOS) of COVID-19 patients in hospitals
  • Identification of individuals at risk of COVID-19, and hotspot locations
  • Workforce Upskilling in AI and Big Data: Provided specialized training in Data Science, Data Engineering and Cloud to develop in-house capacity to implement AI use cases in the future.

The Results

  • Improved resource management in health organizations
  • Reduced overall risk of COVID-19 spread
  • Effective policy-making for crowd management

Technologies Used

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Run

Google Vertex AI and Compute Engine

Google Data Flow


Google BigQuery



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