Banking and Insurance

Detect fraudulent transactions, assess micro-loan credit risk, and benefit from AI-powered cross-selling and up-selling.


Transform your Financial Services organization with AI

Vast amounts of data is generated in the financial sector at a breakneck pace making AI an ideal candidate for handling it. Deployment of AI in financial services is challenging due to the stringent privacy and transparency mandates which need to be considered while keeping the tradeoff between accuracy and speed at a minimum. We at Addo have proven working experience with AI deployment under such conditions.


The Addo Experience

Fast-track AI adoption for your organization

Addo can help accelerate AI adoption for your business with tailored services and accelerators built for the financial services industry.

Execute insights-driven, intelligent decisions

We deploy enterprise AI systems across your business so you gain a strategic focus on your biggest challenges & returns.

Increase AI skills using existing headcount

With the lack of data scientists available for hire, we can help you transform your skilled business analysts into citizen data scientists.

Areas of Expertise


Use AI to analyze and predict customer behavior and preferences to provide them with offers and experiences tailored to their needs to improve customer engagement and loyalty.

Cloud Strategy

We provide custom end-to-end cloud strategies tailored to your business. Everything from creating roadmaps to readiness assessments to cloud workload review is handled by our team.

Data Strategy

Our data strategy framework aims to align the target state with the client business objective while prioritizing initiatives and promoting growth.

Credit Scoring

Generate real-time predictions and identify at risk clients to make data driven credit risk decisions with the help of machine learning.

Fraud Detection

Detect and prevent cyber threats, including activities like account takeovers or wire fraud, while maintaining effective trade and communication surveillance.

Sales & marketing

Analyze and predict customer preferences and behavioral patterns alongside customer response to your advertising campaigns in order to create more robust and targeted campaigns focused on drawing in and retaining customers.

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Intelligent Data Platform for a Multinational Telecom Operator

Build a data analytics infrastructure to enable a 360-degree real-time view of customers, business operations and to reduce the cost for business units.

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Intelligent Data Platform for a Large Scale US-based Healthcare Network

Building a centralized data analytics platform for various business units to enable efficient decision making for business users.

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Customer Service Chatbot Optimization for a Leading Bank

Improving the operability of customer service chatbots to improve conversation flows, better integration with internal systems and better scalability.

Detect fraudulent transactions, assess micro-loan credit risk, and benefit from AI-powered cross-selling and up-selling with Addo AI's Banking and Insurance Services.
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Marketing Optimization to Increase ROI for a Multinational Retail Company

Optimizing marketing campaigns by building an AI engine to accurately forecast the demand of our client’s products across 35 worldwide locations.

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Predictive Maintenance & Input/Output Optimization for an Oil & Gas Company

Developing a real-time predictive maintenance AI engine using data from multiple sources to detect anomalies in the machinery.

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Reverse Linkage Project for the Ministry of Health (MoH) in Indonesia

Enabling data transformation for governments by establishing data foundations and upskilling existing workforce in AI and Big Data for Improved resource management and effective policy-making.

Mobility as a Service by Addo AI
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Data Mesh Architecture For a Large Transportation Company

Building a shared Data Analytics Workspace to leverage data as an asset to stay competitive in the industry.

Data Mesh Architecture for a Large Transportation Company
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Enterprise data warehouse modernization

Modernize data warehousing by migrating your existing data warehouse solutions to Cloud native solutions such as AWS Redshift, Azure Synapse SQL Pool, GCP BigQuery, and Snowflake.

Cloud maintenance & security

Minimize security risks, and maintain data privacy and integrity of Cloud workloads. Get expert help with continuous monitoring, performance optimization, PCI-DSS compliance, & more.

Responsible AI

Adopt responsible AI practices across your organization. We work with clients to make sure all AI systems are fair, secure, transparent, able to run continually and adapt quickly to operational changes.

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