Data and AI Strategy

We help companies develop AI and data strategy that allows them to use data as a strategic asset and achieve their business goals. We provide a clear roadmap to implement this strategy resulting in value creation within three months.


Challenges we solve

Vision, Mission, and Strategy Development

Embracing AI can be a game changer but it can also be challenging. This requires coming up with clear vision and mission statements and a carefully crafted strategy that lets you define how your data is stored, managed, and governed.

AI and ML Model Operationalization

AI and ML models developed in silos will in all probability remain in silos. The AI and ML use cases need to be developed and prioritized in such a way that they fit into the overall Data and AI strategy of the organization.

Data Quality

As a part of our strategy framework, we help you create a Target Operating Model (TOM) for your data governance and train your staff for roles such as Data Stewards and Data Quality Officers.

Data Regulation and Compliance

We provide guidance to put proper controls in place that make your data management platforms compliant with local and international regulations related to data security, privacy, and integrity.

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Intelligent Data Platform for a Multinational Telecom Operator

Build a data analytics infrastructure to enable a 360-degree real-time view of customers, business operations and to reduce the cost for business units.

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Automated Quality Audit for a Leading Asian Telecom Firm

Designing and building an efficient and scalable solution that allows clients to gauge and visualize call center agents’ performance.

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Reverse Linkage Project for the Ministry of Health (MoH) in Indonesia

Enabling data transformation for governments by establishing data foundations and upskilling existing workforce in AI and Big Data for Improved resource management and effective policy-making.

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Intelligent Data Platform for a Large Scale US-based Healthcare Network

Building a centralized data analytics platform for various business units to enable efficient decision making for business users.

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Data Mesh Architecture on Cloud for a Large Transportation Company

Building a shared Data Analytics Workspace was provisioned over Azure Cloud to leverage data as an asset to stay competitive in the industry.

Data Mesh Architecture for a Large Transportation Company
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Mobility-as-a-Service Platform for Personalized Customer Journey

Building a microservices based MaaS mobile application on cloud with interactive user interfaces to improve customer engagement.

Mobility as a Service by Addo AI
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The Addo Strategy Playbook

Create a winning strategy in a very short timespan with our playbook and a set of pre-built activities. Fast track building a roadmap with business value illustrated at each step.

1. Data Maturity Assessment

Addo’s maturity assessment model offers a 360-degree view on the strategic aspects a company needs to focus on to become data-driven.

2. Architecture Assessment and Gap Analysis.

Addo’s Architecture Assessment model helps understand the data and application infrastructure requirements to build a data-driven and insight-powered organization.

3. Modern Data Platform Design.

Design document for the future state Modern Data Platform including the data architecture, data engineering, data science, data governance, security, and applications.

4. Roadmap and Use Cases.

Discover the most impactful use cases and stitch them together in the form of a roadmap with clear deliverables and measurable benefits.

Our Areas of Expertise

Current State Evaluation

Addo analyzes the current state data architecture and data management processes to identify bottlenecks and gaps in the data management strategy hindering an organization’s long term business growth and goals.

Cloud Migration Roadmap

Our data migration framework includes a data migration build plan, and asset normalization and sunset strategy.

Modern Data Architecture

The modern enterprise solution architecture determines the necessary building blocks of a data-driven application layer and a secure cloud infrastructure..

Machine Learning & AI Strategy

We build a custom AI use case roadmap, aligned with the organization’s goals and ambitions. This includes use cases requiring ingesting and analyzing data in real-time through cloud-based distributed computing methods.

Data Governance

We design a holistic data governance framework for large and complex organizations including setting up a Target Operating Model (TOM) and laying out data governance policies.

Change Management

An organizational change management strategy is essential in achieving sustainable success. We help you formulate and execute on your change management aspirations.

Our Data and AI Strategy Accelerators

Create a winning AI and data strategy in the shortest time span possible with our accelerators, a set of pre-built activities to fast track results from implementing your AI and Data strategies

Data and AI Strategy Alignment

This step involves strategic alignment, i.e, an initial short exercise to map out the strategic end state based for the business, based on your business priorities.

Key Deliverables:

1 - Data strategy report documenting:

2 - Strategic vision wrt data and the use of AI and ML

3 - Current state of data maturity across people, processes, and technology

4 - Key stakeholders mapping

5 - List of potential business use cases

Future State Data Architecture Design

This step involves designing a Modern Data Platform in line with the business strategy and establishing best practices around advanced analytics, governance, security and compliance.

Key Deliverables:

1 - Design document for the future state Modern Data Platform including:

2 - Logical data architecture covering data engineering, data science, data governance, security, and applications

3 - Technical data architecture for the same mapping

4 -Budgeting and costs

AI Use Cases Formulation

A tailored data transformation roadmap that can be implemented across the enterprise in a phased manner, with the capacity to be mapped and scaled to your businesses’ growth.

Key Deliverables:

1 - Detailed roadmap report including:

2 - Phased implementation roadmap covering modern data platform setup, data engineering, and data science use cases implementation

3 - Use case prioritization and mapping to the overall roadmap

Advantages of having a coherent Data and AI strategy for your organization

Data-driven business decision making

It all comes down to making the best decisions for your company, whether it's developing new products, increasing revenue, or hiring the right people. And what motivates better decision-making? Data. A data strategy can be used to help every business function, department and team make better decisions.

Customer insights and trend analysis

Most sales and marketing activity is driven by identifying market trends and understanding customer needs. After all, the more you know about your customers, the better you will be able to serve them. Previously, this activity was based on which customers had previously purchased which products or services, but now businesses are becoming more predictive – using data to anticipate what customers will want in the future.

Value creation for the future

One of the strongest arguments for implementing a data-driven strategy is that it allows your company to be more agile. And in highly competitive environments, the companies that can pivot and adjust course quickly are the ones that survive. A data strategy allows you to get the full picture and understanding of what’s happening in every sector that affects your business.

Internal process improvement

The ability to optimize business processes, streamline operations, and run the company more efficiently and cost-effectively is an appealing prospect for any company. It is now easier than ever to make improvements and generate efficiencies thanks to data and a sound data strategy.

Data monetization

When you use data to make smarter decisions, enhance business operations, and so on, the bottom line is likely to benefit. However, the connection between data and the bottom line can be much more direct. To put it another way, data can be monetized to increase revenue and create new revenue streams. Having a data strategy in place allows for this to occur.

Intelligent products and services delivery

Knowing more about your customers and markets allows you to give them exactly what they want: smarter products and services that respond to each user's unique needs and habits. Thus, before investing time and money into expanding your offerings, a data strategy can help you determine not only whether you should launch something new, but also what types of products and services your customers would be interested in.

Technology Stack

We are well-versed in the best-in-class technology stack for AI and Data Strategies.

  • AWS
  • GCP
  • Azure
  • Cloudera
  • Kubernetes
  • Informatica Enterprise Data Catalog
  • Azure Purview
  • nformatica Axon
  • Talend
  • AWS Glue Catalog

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