Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

Convert your data into a strategic asset and utilize it to derive business value continuously through an AI factory, further fueling your enterprise growth.


Challenges we solve

Supply and Demand Forecasting

Optimize your supply chain and gain a competitive edge in the market through AI-powered supply and demand forecasting.

Process Automation

Leverage AI for resource optimization and to cut down operating costs through automation of labor intensive processes and workflows.

Customer Excellence

Understand and predict customer behavior, monitor and evaluate customer and support personnel interactions, and provide prompt and quick support through intelligent bots. Achieve customer excellence by identifying areas of improvement through these and other use cases.

Performance Optimization

Use our AI factory to identify bottlenecks and weak links in the organization and get recommended actions for performance improvement.

Talent Upskilling

Get your business teams and citizen data scientists trained on basic to advanced data science concepts through our educational stream.

Predictive Maintenance

Our advanced AI models predict the likelihood of machine failure based on real-time and past data while providing recommendations for the best course of action to minimize production downtime.

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Intelligent Data Platform for a Multinational Telecom Operator

Build a data analytics infrastructure to enable a 360-degree real-time view of customers, business operations and to reduce the cost for business units.

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Automated Quality Audit for a Leading Asian Telecom Firm

Designing and building an efficient and scalable solution that allows clients to gauge and visualize call center agents’ performance.

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Reverse Linkage Project for the Ministry of Health (MoH) in Indonesia

Enabling data transformation for governments by establishing data foundations and upskilling existing workforce in AI and Big Data for Improved resource management and effective policy-making.

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Intelligent Data Platform for a Large Scale US-based Healthcare Network

Building a centralized data analytics platform for various business units to enable efficient decision making for business users.

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Data Mesh Architecture on Cloud for a Large Transportation Company

Building a shared Data Analytics Workspace was provisioned over Azure Cloud to leverage data as an asset to stay competitive in the industry.

Data Mesh Architecture for a Large Transportation Company
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Mobility-as-a-Service Platform for Personalized Customer Journey

Building a microservices based MaaS mobile application on cloud with interactive user interfaces to improve customer engagement.

Mobility as a Service by Addo AI
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Addo’s Artificial Intelligence Playbook

Empathize with the client and quickly identify a value/complexity based prioritized list of business problems that can be addressed using ML techniques. Develop ML models following best practice data science processes and leveraging MLOps frameworks. Deploy validated models in production integrating with the client ecosystem.

Use Case Formulation

Use-case viability testing and problem statement development followed by data source identification.

ML Model Development

Model development and pipeline setup followed by presentation of results and recommendations to the client.

ML Operationalization

Setting up of MLOps framework and model productionisation through integration with current workflows or through development of new apps and platforms that leverage the deployed ML models.

Monitoring and Maintenance

Monitor the deployed model performance and ensure the model is functional and maintained across its life cycle.

Our Areas of Expertise

Strategy and Advisory

Analyze and identify the best use-cases for AI in your organization. Work with our experts to create a roadmap for the implementation of AI-based solutions that can realize your long-term business goals.

Natural Language Processing

Our experts can leverage state of the art techniques to generate insights from language data collected from unstructured and structured sources while providing automation possibilities through the use of Chatbots, Q&A systems, and virtual assistants.


Our ML engineers are capable of deploying end-to-end machine learning pipelines to design, develop and manage reproducible and testable ML models through both proprietary and open-source MLOps frameworks.

Computer Vision

Addo’s computer vision experts utilize advanced algorithms to generate insights catered to your needs from image and video data.

Deep Learning

Our deep learning experts are capable of handling large volumes of complex data through the use of various frameworks, such as Keras, Tensorflow etc.

Responsible AI

We focus on building AI models that adhere to the principles of responsible AI. Thus our models are reliable, fair and transparent with an emphasis on privacy and security of data.

Our AI accelerators

Quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively scale AI solutions tailored to your business needs, through pre-built AI modules in vision, sound, speech and pattern recognition.

Document AI

Classify documents, extract handwritten and printed text, data and tables, and create summaries and Q&A systems.

Conversational AI

Launch chatbots that act as personal assistants to employees, customers, and enterprise partners.

Vision AI

Inspect processes for quality control with speed, accuracy, and repeatability, thus reducing human error & cost.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence for your organisation


Increase efficiency

Automate repetitive, tedious tasks done by humans, improving speed and eliminating the potential for human error.


Reduce labour cost

Hire people to perform only higher-level functions that Artificial Intelligence cannot perform, thus minimising incurred cost on paid hours.


Meet customer needs better

Be available whenever or wherever your customers are, responding promptly and delivering personalised, memorable experiences.


Improve monitoring

Collect & analyse data in real-time, making it possible to quickly detect issues, and recommend effective and timely resolution.


Customised to business

Train models on the organisation’s application data. Models that understand business context deliver more accurate results.


Ensure compliance

Reduce errors and increase accuracy to ensure compliance with regulations surrounding data collection, privacy, and reporting.

Technology Stack

We are well-versed in the best-in-class technology stack for AI and Advanced Analytics.

  • PyTorch
  • TensorFlow
  • Keras
  • AzureML
  • Sagemaker
  • Vertex AI Platform
  • DialogFlow
  • Azure Bot Services
  • Amazon Lex
  • Azure Cognitive Services

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