Financial Services

Detect fraudulent transactions, assess micro-loan credit risk, and benefit from AI-powered cross-selling and up-selling.


Transform your Financial Services organisation with AI

AI and ML are ideal solutions to addressing the volume and velocity of financial services data and applications. At the same time, implementations can be challenging due to the need to balance accuracy, speed and scale with regulatory requirements and transparency mandates. Addo can help.

Why Addo

The Addo Experience

Fast-track AI adoption for your organisation

Addo can help accelerate AI adoption for your business with tailored services and accelerators built for the financial services industry.

Execute insights-driven, intelligent decisions

We deploy enterprise AI systems across your business so you gain a strategic focus on your biggest challenges & returns.

Increase AI skills using existing headcount

With the lack of data scientists available for hire, we can help you transform your skilled business analysts into citizen data scientists.

Areas of Expertise


Deepen customer loyalty by offering efficient mobile banking, fast transaction processing, and personalized offers based on their needs, preferences, and behaviors.

Credit scoring

Using Machine Learning technologies to simplify complex credit risk decisions, generate real-time predictions and reduce credit risks.

Fraud detection

Detect and prevent cyber threats, including activities like account takeovers or wire fraud, while maintaining effective trade and communication surveillance.


Optimize day-to-day operations, and reduce middle and back-office costs incurred as a result of process failures and error correction.

Data governance

Ensure that your data lives up to its potential by improving data governance and compliance across the data environment of your organisation.

Sales & marketing

Deliver higher success rates with new customer acquisition, cross-sell and upsell programs, better customer support, and personalised offers.

Featured work


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Featured Work

Financial Services

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Financial Services

Prediction of risky driving behaviour in the elderly

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Financial Services

Customer service chatbot optimization for a leading bank

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